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High Asset Divorce

Skilled San Bernardino Lawyer Manages High Asset Divorce

Board-certified family law specialist fights to protect your assets and financial interests

When it comes to divorce, the more you own, the more you stand to lose. Under California’s community property laws, you are entitled to keep all of your separate property and 50 percent of your marital property. But unless your attorney manages the details of your divorce effectively, you could come away with far less than you deserve. Rather than gamble with your financial future, trust your case to a board-certified family law specialist at Granowitz White & Weber. For more than 30 years, attorney Richard A. Granowitz has negotiated marital property settlements and litigated property disputes in California courts. He has the knowledge, experience and skill to protect your rights and your hard-earned wealth.

Special considerations in high-net-worth divorces

When many thousands or even millions of dollars are at stake, parties tend to dig in, driving up the cost of your divorce. Errors can also be more expensive, and there’s a greater risk that the opposing party will not play fair. Here are some special considerations in a high asset divorce:

  • Miscategorizing assets — For each item of your separate property that goes into the marital estate, you lose 50 percent of the value. And for each item in your marital estate your spouse succeeds in claiming as separate property, you lose 50 percent. To protect your rights, you need an attorney who knows how to prove the source of various assets.
  • Conflicting valuation of assets — You want to keep a vacation home you value at a certain price. Your spouse agrees to let you have it, but values the property at 30 percent more.
  • Hidden assets — Your spouse has been contemplating divorce for two years and has carefully transferred valuable assets out of your marital estate into off-shore accounts or to others. How do you prove the fraudulent transfer and recover that property?
  • Costly buyouts — You and your spouse own a valuable business. You want to keep the company, but don’t have the cash on hand for a buyout. Your spouse demands payment even if it means selling the business.

These situations require in-depth knowledge of California divorce law, experience, and the ability to negotiate creative solutions. High-net-worth divorces often take longer to get right, but in the end, you’ll appreciate the time and care you took.

Trust a board-certified family law specialist for your high-net-worth divorce

Getting a high asset divorce right requires specialized knowledge based on decades of experience. As a board-certified family law specialist, attorney Richard A. Granowitz is prepared to manage all aspects of your divorce to protect your property and financial rights. To schedule a consultation, call Granowitz White & Weber at 909-890-1717 or contact our San Bernardino office online.

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